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personally Environment, feeling their various moods. After reading a book, their various moods stayed in my heart like a child, which I can't forget for a long time. Open the second page of the Chinese textbook, which says about learning fiction. On this, it summarizes the novels in this chapter, and lists the key points of this chapter. It requires us to understand the feelings in the work and the feelings of the author, and it also requires us to analyze the first three aspects of characters, plot and environment. One lesson was "Lin Jiaotou Fengxue Mountain Temple". It selected the seventy-first time of the "Water Margin" Newport Cigarettes. The tenth round mainly focuses on Lin Chong being stabbed to Cangzhou, looking after the forage, and then met Lu Yuhou After being framed by Fu'an and others, they set fire to the forage and set off on Liangshan. When I read this text, I felt like Lin Chong in the book. I felt Lin Chong's anger when he heard Lu Yuhou's plot in the mountain temple. Lin Chong burned the forage field in desperation and was forced to go to Liangshan. And his determination to burn the forage. Opening the second lesson, I entered the old Tsarist tyranny society under the jurisdiction of Beliko. There is a tense atmosphere here, and children dare not play freely. People here are not free speech, and people seem to be covered with heavy shackles. The heavy atmosphere seemed to be broken at any time Marlboro Gold. I looked at Berikov's distinctive outfit Wholesale Cigarettes, and watched him see Valenka and Kovalenko passing by in front of him. When I saw Belikov's death, I thought it was all over, but I went back to that heavy atmosphere. Farewell to the heavy atmosphere. I came to Mr. Shen Congwen's Border Town. I toured the entire border town and felt the simple customs of the border town and the honest and kind people in the border town. Rowing the dragon boat and watching their desperate drive I couldn't help cheering them on. After the dragon boat was over, I saw the people catch ducks in the water. I just came out of "The Man in the Suit" with a heavy mood, but watching Cui Cui's conversation with her grandfather, I felt a lot easier. At the end Cui Cui she blew the double pipe suona she made, her grandfather sang a song, and the naughty puppy was watching the clouds in the sky. What a beautiful and honest rural map! There are many stories in Chinese textbooks that I haven't fully appreciated yet. I need to spend more time to understand and need the help of teachers to help me go further into the world of books. The next story must be more interesting than the first time I read it. A good language document requires notes. These notes can often give you a better understanding of the world language textbooks in the book. Those articles make me long forgotten. Books on the ladder of human progress. Reading makes people wise.
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